Black Duck wants to help the growth of e-Sports, therefore one of our main goals is to create small amateur tournaments, social projects and events of various sizes. Bringing the largest number of fans, amateur players, professional players, influencers and people from the gaming industry.

Besides that, our job is to help companies to enter the gaming world, finding the best solutions to connect its consumers, through their love for gaming, to the companies’ products and services. 





realizados nos últimos 5 anos.


de campeonatos de games variados.

Contando com o nosso especialista GABE realizando tanto os campeonatos e a parte de League OPS, são mais de 420 torneios e 76 mil registros de campeonatos de games variados entregues.

Don't let your brand out of this market.

Don't let your brand out of this market.

HOW we do?


Sponsorship of tournaments, teams, athletes or even individual streamer)



Sponsorship on video content related to gaming


Advergames development


Live marketing with brand activations in events, tournaments, shopping malls etc

Cross and the commercial usage of assets


Inside games activation